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            Samantha Conlon is an interdisciplinary artist born 1990 in Ireland making work concerned with class and gender struggles. Conlon is founder and curator of Bunny Collective, a feminist collective of 18 women artists living in Ireland, Britain and the United States who work mostly on the Internet. Samantha founded the collective in 2013 when she was in Art school in Cork, Ireland. The Bunny Collective’s videos, installations, photography and collages explore the Internet and female identity and agency on the web (which they consider a generative space for not only showing but making Art); including grappling with the demonstrated rise of depression in women associated with social-media use and how the corporate engines capitalizing upon feminist media users (and makers) also presents one of the most potentially harmful and exploitative virtual armatures advanced capitalism has dealt generations of young women to date.  Bunny Collective has been named by New York Times and Dazed Magazine as a feminist group at the forefront of all-female web collectives. The name is ironic. “It was a cute name, and we knew we were going to subvert that,” Ms. Conlon told the New York Times. At the heart of Bunny’s mission are the emancipation of girlhood from its association with weakness, and the reclaiming of femininity as a strength. 

            During the Spring of 2016, a handful of Bunny Collective members met each other for the first time during the Pankhurst in the Park Residency with Alexandra Arts. The engagement with Pankhurst in the Park was a crossroads for the collective – coming together as a cohort of 10, the Bunny Collective’s courageous feminist aims and ideals blossomed into real-life praxis as never before. Sharing their feminist art tactics with the community of Manchester, particularly younger generations of female creatives, the Bunny Collective breathed new life into the concepts that had gestated in the transpersonal matrix of cyberspace. Bunny Collective’s engagement included a one-day exhibition of sculptural installations in the wooded area of Alexandra Park and workshops with teenage girls from the local non-profit Hideaway Youth on photography and producing DIY web zines.

Samantha's work the 'Sick Role' was specially commissioned for the Pankhurst in the Park 2018 commission; the centenary edition of NYC based Art 511 Mag. Download it here

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