DJ Wondergupta


DJ Wondergupta aka Sashwati Mira Sengupta is a DJ, VJ, music festival curator and musician (accordion and piano), co-running the Balkan-Global-centric Satellite State Disko DJ collective. Wondergupta has played DJ sets across Manchester and London, including on a mini tour with renowned Serbian Roma band KAL. She has been very active in the roots/world music scene, and worked for 3 years with The Shrine Afrobeat clubnight in London, BBC Radio 3's Africa On Your Street website and the BBC Africa 05 season. Mira is currently the music curator for Refugee Week UK and the Celebrating Sanctuary London, and has worked with artists such as Akala, Gabby Young and Other Animals, Josephine Oniyama and Afrikan Boy to deliver music programmes with refugee musicians.

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